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Missouri & Illinois Trustee and Beneficiary Disputes

As part of our extensive experience in all facets of trust, probate and fiduciary litigation matters, the attorneys of Schmidt Basch,LLC provide clients with a full range of trustee and beneficiary dispute resolution services.

With more than 40 years of combined experience in probate and trust dispute representation in both Missouri and Illinois – particularly in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area  – our attorneys have experience with a multitude of situations and scenarios that can lead a trustee and beneficiaries to disagreement.  Our skill and practice history include aggressively advocating and defending our client’s rights when called upon, but we also have the insight to suggest alternatives to a lengthy courtroom battle if one can be avoided.

Trustee and beneficiary disputes often arise from a suspected failure of a trustee to act in the best interest of a trust beneficiary, from inadequate performance of duties by a trustee, or matters involving acts of fraud as a trustee. Conversely, trust beneficiaries may at times have unrealistic expectations concerning the trust administration process and could benefit from the explanations that the attorneys in our office can provide. We have also successfully represented clients in cases where trusts were established by individuals not of sound mind or when the trust document wase inadequately or ambiguously written.

While our experience, knowledge of the law and familiarity with local courts are important, we also take great pride in our ability to work successfully with family members. Negotiating the challenging terrain of what is often a highly stressful situation by learning the personalities and priorities of those family members, the trustee and beneficiary dispute attorneys of Schmidt Basch,LLC are skilled in maintaining a clear focus on our client’s objectives and de-escalating disputes whenever possible.

Some common trustee and beneficiary disputes that our attorneys excel in resolving include:

  • Adequacy or timing of trustee reporting to trust beneficiaries.
  • Poorly drafted trust documents with terms open to more than one interpretation.
  • Trustee compensation and fees.
  • Unrealistic beneficiary expectations concerning the trust administration process.
  • Concerns that the trust settlor(s) did not have the requisite legal capacity to create the trust document.
  • Correct titling of assets for ownership by the trust.
  • Discrepancies between what trust beneficiaries believe they are entitled to or were promised to receive before the settlor(s) died versus the express written terms of the trust document.

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