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Real Estate Acquisitions & Development

Our firm has deep experience in all phases of real estate acquisitions, from providing clients with exceptional counsel during the dealmaking process to structuring agreements in a manner that eliminates or significantly reduces the potential glitches that can arise in any transaction. We also understand the unique challenges associated with real estate acquisitions in specific industry sectors and locations.

We also understand the real estate market, its cyclical nature, and how periods in which high demand and growth will necessitate the need for aggressive, high-speed deal-making during acquisition. We’re accustomed and adept at operating in this pressure-packed environment and are recognized for our consistently high level of attention to detail; the very details that, when appropriately addressed, directly lead to the consummation of an acquisition and forestall or significantly limit the likelihood of future disputes and litigation.

We counsel privately held companies, developers, investors, investment funds, real estate companies, logistic companies, and nonprofit organizations in connection with commercial and residential real estate deals of all sizes and complexity throughout the country. We also counsel on an array of issues, from land use matters to construction contracting to buying, selling, and leasing real property. Moreover, we assist with all levels of debt and equity financing, joint ventures, and public-private partnerships. This includes deep experience in all aspects of mortgage or secured debt and private equity financing.

Our attorneys commit to consistently making every effort to understand our clients’ short- and long-term objectives fully. This informs our work with financing and tax credits, document development analysis, drafting, and review, as well as working with sellers and local government entities. Our attorneys are also experienced, savvy businesspeople, giving them the perspective necessary to structure deals and proceed rapidly – yet with abundant care – through preparation and execution of development. We understand the need for efficiency and the impact virtually any delay or hindrance to completion of development has on the profitability of any project and take every step possible to avoid any potential adverse effects on a project’s bottom line.

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