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Missouri & Illinois Trust Administration Services

With significant experience in all facets of trusts, probate and fiduciary matters, our attorneys at Schmidt Basch,LLC understand the critical role trust administration plays and take exceptional pride in our commitment to providing thorough advice and legal counsel to trust settlors, trustees and beneficiaries alike.

Recognizing that even an exceptionally well-constructed trust document can be compromised by inadequate administration, our attorneys offer clients the advantage of their extensive experience, knowledge of the law with their meticulous approach to trust administration. We believe firmly that details matter and make all the difference in the administration of a trust.

The attorneys of Schmidt Basch,LLC also understand the nuances involved in trust administration and have become adept at navigating what can be complex interpersonal dynamics and emotions that are often associated with trust administration.

This involves an absolute understanding of a trust instrument’s provisions, the ability to communicate effectively with beneficiaries and/or their representatives, and if necessary, to resolve disputes through mediation or litigation in any courtroom across the greater St. Louis metro area and throughout the State of Missouri.

The attorneys of Schmidt Basch,LLC offer a wealth of experience handling any aspect of trust administration that may come our way, including:

  • Advising the trustee of his/her obligations to serve in that role and the duties of a trustee, both under the trust document and pursuant to State law.
  • Identifying and consolidating assets in the name of the trust for administration by the trustee.
  • Generating trustee reports and accountings to trust beneficiaries as required.
  • Defending the trust or the trustee against claims made by a beneficiary or a third party against trust assets.
  • Enforcing trust beneficiary’s rights both under the trust document and pursuant to State law.
  • Assisting the trustee with the sale of trust assets to third parties or the distribution of trust assets to the beneficiaries.
  • Advising the trustee and/or the trust beneficiaries of the income tax consequences of different transactions with trust assets.
  • Estate and income tax planning and return preparation for trust and its beneficiaries.
  • Preparing and implementing changes to a trust when permitted by the trust document and also authorized pursuant to State law.

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