Meet Amanda M. Basch
Published on March 22, 2022

Offering a reality-based approach to trust, probate, and fiduciary litigation, and family law.

Frank J. Schmidt and Amanda Basch realized their practices aligned well long before they founded Schmidt Basch, LLC. Frank works primarily on the transactional side, while Amanda has loved litigation since she went to Saint Louis University Law School.

“We had been working together for more than eight years before forming Schmidt Basch and make quite a good team because we build off each other’s strengths,” Amanda says. “We’re sort of a one-stop shop.”

A large portion of Amanda’s work involves family dynamics, including trust, probate, and fiduciary litigation, as well as family law, which she notes is much more than divorce.

After nearly 15 years as an attorney, Amanda can help clients think through the implications of their legal strategy and how they might impact those long-term goals.

“My job is to build on my own experience in the practice of law to explain some of the possible outcomes that they might not see coming,” Amanda says. “If we play out the scenarios to what is a realistic outcome in the big picture, we may be surprised by the results. For example, in a contested divorce, you may be able to get a protective order against your husband. However, if he is a police officer, he may not be able to work, and, if you are a stay-at-home mom, that could mean your husband may not have a way to pay you child support or maintenance. So, that is something to consider.”

The same concept applies to probate litigation. As Amanda points out:

“You may have excellent facts to show that someone influenced a family member to give you less of an inheritance or that the Trustee of a Trust is not managing the assets properly, but if your best-case scenario is that you spend more in litigation costs than you stand to gain from litigation, perhaps a less aggressive and more cost-effective strategy is appropriate.”

Amanda’s practice also includes significant work in guardianship and conservatorship litigation, which is another extension of her practice involving family dynamics. Additionally, since she began her law career in bankruptcy law, she is well-versed in banking and creditors’ rights disputes, estate and creditor protection planning, lender representation, and real estate transactions.

In all these areas, Amanda brings a reality-based approach to legal matters.

“I always tell people I can be as aggressive as they would like, but we need to talk about what goals they want to accomplish. I do love litigation. I love depositions. I love discovery. I love arguing motions. I love trials. But I understand that not every client needs that. Sometimes, we can meet more of their goals with a less-aggressive approach.”

Amanda, her husband, and two daughters live in St. Louis and enjoy spending time together, especially going letterboxing, a hobby which combines hiking, art, and puzzle-solving.

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