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Guardianships and Conservatorships for Minors

Schmidt Basch,LLC provides comprehensive legal counsel benefiting and protecting the health-related, educational and financial well-being of minor children. We have extensive experience in working with clients to establish both guardianships and conservatorships providing exceptional levels of protection, as well as representing minors to ensure the entry of guardianship and conservatorship orders serves their best interests.

Guardianships designate a legal guardian or co-guardians who are authorized to make decisions related to a minor’s day-to-day care, healthcare, education, etc.

Conservatorships on the other hand deal solely with financial decisions through the management of funds held on behalf of a minor child. Establishing a conservatorship affords the minor the financial protections necessary to ensure the assets designated for the care of the minor are used appropriately and effectively and are preserved for the minor’s benefit upon reaching the age of majority.

Our attorneys understand the often highly complex interpersonal relationships and dynamics that can impact the care of minors as well as the roles guardians and conservators can play in these situations.

While we advocate vigorously for our clients, we make every effort to strike a balance, communicating effectively and compassionately with the family and other concerned parties who may be part of the lives of our clients and the minors for which they provide care and support.

The attorneys of Schmidt Basch,LLC are well-versed in structuring guardianships for minor children that include:

  • Personal decisions regarding living situations and issues related to day-to-day care.
  • Healthcare decisions, including specific medical treatments, therapies, rehabilitative care and long-term care.
  • Educational choices, including choosing schools, securing tutoring and/or supplemental academic support.

Schmidt Basch,LLC has extensive experience creating financial conservatorships for minor children and working with the courts to obtain orders which may allow the designated conservator to:

  • Take possession of funds to which the minor is entitled but cannot receive personally as a minor child.
  • Preserve assets for the minor to receive upon reaching the age of majority.
  • Manage investments of the minor’s assets, with the objective of protecting assets and securing reliable returns on all investments.
  • Make financial decisions regarding management of day-to-day expenditures ranging from day care and housing to clothing and education needs.

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