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Commercial Lease Negotiations

Many businesses will at some point enter a commercial lease for office space, manufacturing facilities, storage needs, restaurant or retail space. A business’s lease for space to operate will have a direct impact on its profitability over the short and long term. 

Businesses and their owners should work closely with experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel who carefully review every detail in a proposed commercial lease, looking for provisions that could turn an initially positive and attractive agreement into a long-term, costly burden. Recognizing this, it’s essential that legal counsel have an in-depth understanding of a business, its industry sector, short & long term objectives and virtually every factor that makes a business’s needs unique. 

Our real estate attorneys have exceptional experience in commercial lease negotiations, having successfully negotiated leases for a broad array of properties for companies in a multitude of industry sectors – shopping centers, retail, office, and industrial & warehousing, to name a few. There are also many different types of commercial leases that Landlords and Tenants can enter, including a “gross lease” or a “triple net (NNN) lease”.

It is all important for all parties to a commercial lease, both Landlords and Tenants alike, to understand from the outset those events that over the term of a commercial lease can lead to:

  • Increases in base rent payments due by the Tenant
  • Increases in operating expense reimbursements due by the Tenant (for example only, pro rata taxes, insurance or common area expenses)
  • Obligations of repair and ongoing maintenance to the leased premises by the Landlord versus by the Tenant

It’s important to work with experienced legal counsel who not only understand the intricacies of commercial lease negotiations, but who take a partnership role in their representations of business clients. Our attorneys are also experienced business people and understand the value of that relationship.

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