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At Schmidt Basch, LLC, our land use and zoning attorneys help businesses, builders, developers and property owners achieve the desired outcomes for their properties. With years of experience, you can count on us to handle your property plans and issues efficiently and effectively. From individual property owners to large corporations and developers, our participation in the land use process begins from the ground up. As a project moves forward, we stay involved and assist with all entitlement approvals, inspections and permit issues.

Local municipalities, cities, and counties primarily govern zoning and land use laws in Missouri and Illinois. These regulations, or ordinances, are designed to control and guide the use of land in specific areas for various purposes such as residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or mixed-use developments. Ordinances typically establish zoning districts, each with its own set of permitted land uses, building requirements, setback regulations, and other development standards. Property owners or developers must usually obtain permits or approvals from the local zoning authority before making changes to the land or starting new construction. This process may involve submitting plans, paying fees, and attending public hearings.

Our goal at Schmidt Basch, LLC is to help our clients navigate the zoning and land use approval process as efficiently as possible. Working with knowledgeable, experienced real estate attorneys is the best way for individuals, businesses and developers to protect their investment in property development.

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